Home of the Long Beach Mississippi Historical Society

The Long Beach Historical Society was formed in 1997 due, in large part, to the efforts of Mary Ellen Watrous Alexander, a member of one of the oldest families of long beach, who also wrote the popular and successful book about the city entitled “Rosalie and Radishes a History of Long Beach, Mississippi”. The society chose to have its inaugural meeting in August, 1997, to commemorate the incorporation of the town which had occurred in August, 1905. The society's purpose is to bring together those who are interested in the history of Long Beach and to coordinate their efforts in preserving and recording that history for future generations. The organization was welcomed into the Federation of Mississippi Historical Societies of Mississippi as its newest member during 1997. After quickly growing and taking part in programs to further its aims, the society was named by the Federation as its outstanding member in the year 2000, and again, in 2001, receiving the prestigious Frank E. Everett Award for “exemplary contribution to the preservation and interpretation of the history of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.” You are invited to join and be a part of the history of Long Beach. We welcome families, students, organizations, and of course, individuals. Meetings are four times yearly on the 2nd Monday evening and always boast an interesting program and featured speaker. Membership costs are reasonable—give them as gifts to family members, friends, or co-workers, or as rewards to students. There are no requirements other than maintaining current dues obligations.